Welcome to Little Sprouts

We glad to introduce ourselves as a First Early Learning Center, a EYFS Curriculum located in International City, Dubai, UAE.

At LITTLE SPROUTS ELC, we nurture exciting & innovative care environment for your children aged 3-6 years old. We inculcate plentiful opportunities for Play, Interaction & Development with Creative Cirriculum. We pledge for "THE BEST POSSIBLE START" of every children.

We created the safe & secured nursery environment, which is incomparable sophisticated around us. Our staff are filled with Skills, Dedication, Passion, Enthusiasm and a never ending commitment to your children. We assure the Parents, for their child happiness by nurturing their interest and make sure every child is individuality respected.

We continue to preserve this ideal in our ELC today by employing dedicated staff, who share our vision & passionate about Shaping a Future Generation .

FS1 (Age: 3-4) PRE KG

FS-1 (Pre-KG) is an important time for children as they begin building a stronger sense of their own identity and their place in a wider world.
We promote children to be their own thinkers in an organized atmosphere as children are learning to recognize the importance of social rules and customs, to show understanding and tolerance of others.

FS2 (Age: 4+) Reception

A child’s experience in the early years has a major impact on their future development. Within our FS2 we aim to make every child feel secure, safe and happy and have the opportunities to reach their full potential.
We aim to nurture the whole child, personally, socially, emotionally, academically and physically. Within the FS2 the children are being groomed for BIG SCHOOL.

Extra Curricular Activity

A child who arrives in the afternoon, is likely to have already been to school and is coming into our after-school facility.
The After School Club provides a range of activities in a comfortable and safe environment. Arts and crafts, games and indoor play are just some of the activities offered to meet the children's social, physical, intellectual, cognitive and emotional needs.

Why Little Sprouts?

LITTLE SPROUTS are caring and secure environments where children enjoy the friendship of others, have a happy and rewarding time reaching their full potential through praise and encouragement.

We aim to inspire a child’s imagination in surroundings that promote the importance of learning. Our belief in excellence and high standards enables your child to do their very best.

From a very early age, children are stimulated and challenged with activities, encouraging them to discover more about themselves, the world around them and each other. Learning experiences are meaningful and enjoyable, with each new skill learnt reinforced to provide every child with a solid educational base to build upon.

From the first day at Little Sprouts our aim is to ensure your child feels confident in their new surroundings. We are tremendously proud of our ELC and staff and look forward to you joining our Little Sprouts family.

Connect with Your Child ?

Know how your child's day is going even when you are in the office/home. Take a break from your busy day and browse through your phone to learn about your child's mood, food intake, activities, and needs. Parents love this Mobile App "TOD LOG"!

Little Sprouts happy and proud to Launch this Mobile App for FREE to get daily updates of your child's learning progress, activities for the day, feeding and toileting routiness & their mood :)

Parents are most welcome to communicate via App on their child's specific needs or any informations.

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